The Benefits and Types of Metal Wall Art

          When you choose metal wall art for your home, you’re getting rich hues, textures, and forms in an unlimited range of styles. You can find an incredible variety of metal artwork from North American artists and discover new styles and textures in every piece. This type of artwork is both … Read more

The CSB/SJU Literary Arts Institute

      The CSB/SJU Literary Arts Institute supports authors, publications and the arts of photography, letterpress, and lettering. The center is a vital part of the university’s creative culture. Find out how you can support this amazing institute. We look forward to seeing you there! We’ll also be sharing news about the new exhibition … Read more

The Elements of Art

      If you have ever looked at a painting, you’ve most likely noticed that the artist used several elements to make the image work. These elements include Lines, Shape, Color, Intensity, Value, and Materiality. Understanding these elements will help you create works of art that convey a clear message. Learn about each element … Read more

The Benefits of Art Studios

      There are many benefits of having an art studio. Besides providing a safe place to work, a studio is an excellent location for art therapy sessions and presentations from artists. A great studio can also serve as a place to gather in a group after a visit to a gallery or museum. … Read more